Saturday, October 16, 2010

Preview "The Farallon Egg War" at The California Academy of Sciences on October 21st!

Click on any of the postcards and images below to bring to their full resolution and size, and we'll see you at the California Academy of Sciences's "Nightlife" party on October 21st, 2010. 

"Nightlife" will feature psychedelic surf rock band "The Mermen", cocktails, food, the premiere of a great new film on the Farallon Islands, and a sneak peek at Eva's new graphic novel, "The Farallon Egg War."

"The Farallon Egg War" is the true and largely untold story of the battles that took place on the Farallon Islands over poaching "rights", the desperate men forced to poach from such perilous rocks, and the birth of wildlife conservation in 19th-century California that came out of this war. 

At $12 a ticket, the Nightlife event is not only less than half the regular admission to the CAS, but a ton cheaper than a boat ride out to the islands otherwise known as "The Devil's Teeth"!

"The Farallon Egg War" makes extensive use of the Academy's photographs of early San Francisco - including many materials that miraculously survived the 1906 fire and earthquake. Some of these remarkable photographs will also be on display on October 21, 2010 - including some rare glass plate negatives.